Australians in Sydney’s west and south-west have endured extreme difficulty and humiliation over the past two years and they have much to be concerned about when considering the future of their families and communities.
Sadly, Sydney’s west was systematically degraded by both government and a complicit silent opposition during the pandemic. To my knowledge, there has been no apology, no expression of remorse for the pain and suffering inflicted on families and in particular on women in the chillingly labelled “areas of concern” and  voters will demonstrate their willingness or otherwise, to forgive at the ballot box. I say forgive, but we will never forget, lest a similar purge be attempted by successor governments. 
It is disturbing to witness last year’s “LGA’s of concern”  suddenly becoming LGA’s of political and self interest. Many say that the political future of our country will be decided in Sydney’s west and south west. From what I hear from people throughout this area, both government and opposition really have much to be “concerned“ about. People must never be treated similarly again. 
Ms Le, thank you for visiting today, together with our friend of many years Mayor Frank Carbone. I wish you all the best and I encourage all Australians to use their democratic privilege, and vote for the candidate of their choice at the coming election.
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