Your Grace! Master, Bless!

It was good to meet you again in Detroit last week. Congratulations again on your enthronement.

Your Grace: As you know, I distributed a flyer at the Assembly for my new book. I would like to give you more background on why I wrote it.

Many clergy have approached me over the years with their concern that they did not receive enough leadership and management education -- whether in seminary or later. They said they felt less than fully equipped to handle the myriad of practical, administrative, relationship, and management issues facing them in a parish -- in a way consistent with the Orthodox faith and their role as the leader of the parish.

These concerns motivated me to write my book Thy Will Be Done: Strategic Leadership, Planning, and Management for Christians. It will be published by St Vladimir's Seminary Press in mid-November 2016.

I have received a great deal of support and encouragement from many bishops, clergy, and laity regarding this book. I firmly believe that it will be of use to all your clergy, parish councils, and lay leaders.

Your Grace: I would be most appreciative if you could spread the word for this book. A flyer is attached for your information and use, should you decide to do so. Thank you!

I ask for your Archpastoral blessings and prayers.
Your servant in Christ,
Protodeacon Peter Danilchick

Thy Will Be Done: Strategic Leadership, Planning, and Management for Christians (PDF)